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Dog Feet Infections can cause your pet to to lick his feet constantly.


What are Dog feet infections?

Here are some reasons why your dog is licking his feet or paws because of infections.

Injury to foot or paw

  • Fungal infection
  • Foot pads red or swollen
  • Bumps or growths on the paw pads
  • Left alone for most of the day
  • Dogs need lots of exercise to prevent paw licking and chewing
  • Does your dog get enough attention?
  • Do you play with your dog every day? NO? Shame on you!

First you have to rule out infections, injuries and fungal infections.

Take a good look at the foot and paw pads of your dogs foot.

Do you see anything that might indicate an injury or are his paws red and swollen?

He might have a splinter in his paw or an injury to his foot.

Rule out any injuries and then if you are sure his foot is clean and just red it might be a fungal infection or an flea bite.


Constant licking can cause fungal infections to find a wonderful warm moist area to thrive.

Ask your vet for some antibiotic cream for the foot and apply until the vet tells you to stop the medication.

These dog allergies infection can also appear in the ear of a dog.

It’s easy to recognize because if you smell the ear it will not be a pleasant smell.

If there are any crusty lesions in the ear, it’s probably an infection.

Get to the vet and get some treatment because it will only get worse. Believe me!

If none of the above apply then your dog might have separation anxiety and worry his paws while you’re gone.

A good long walk every night or morning before you go to work will usually solve this problem.


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The views expressed on this site are my own.  I am not a veterinarian and I urge you to take your dog to the vet first.



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