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Dog Fungal Infections are also known as Yeast.


Yeast problems usually can be found in the ears, paws, under the legs and the belly.

In other words, anywhere that is moist, damp and stays that way.  Just as an athlete get a fungal infection because his shoes stay wet and make a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections.

My dog has a fungal infection right now.  Every day I was the feet twice a day and then soak in a vinegar solution of 1 part water and one part vinegar.  I let the paw dry and make sure my dog doesn’t start licking.

One sure way of telling if your dog has some sort of problem is when you see pink hair or reddish hair.  It’s the saliva of the dog that stains the hair.  My dog is white and so he kind of looks punky with red feet and right underneath his chin.  Anywhere he licks it becomes pink.

Just before he goes to sleep, I put an anti-fungal medication on the paws and rub it in really good.  If your dog has hairy feet, as mine does, you might want to clip the hair away from the paw pads so air can get to it and the medicine will penetrate into the skin.  I usually do this about a 1/2 hour before bed time as I am watching TV.  I hold my dog in a blanket to prevent him licking all the medicine off.

Then when he has pretty much forgotten about the medicine I put him in his crate and hope for the best. 

If the infection is really severe I would get a plastic collar for your dog and keep in on him to prevent the licking.  He won’t like it much but then you can be sure the medicine gets a chance to work.



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feet canine foot problems
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feet foot injuries