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Long haired breeds are prone to matted hair.


Matted hair in the paw can cause foot problems.


My dog was licking her paw all the time.  After close inspection I saw a tangled mass of matted hair that was hard and was bothering her.

I got my dogs first aid kit out and found the blunt nosed scissors.  I very carefully cut into the matted hair to find some kind of tar from the road in the middle of the mess.

I kept cutting away at the tangled mess and finally was able to remove the matt that had making her lick her paws endlessly.

She looked up at me with such gracefulness.  I noticed that her paw was red so I washed it with antibacterial soap and applied a little Derma-Vet in between her paws to help it heal.

Pretty soon she forgot about her foot and stopped licking it to death!

Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to our dogs and checking their paws every so often so that we make sure that everything is all right and the feet are looking good.


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feet foot injuries