Dogs and Paws!

Splinters in the foot and paw

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Splinters in dog paws are painful, irritating and can sometimes even cause a limp - your don’t want Broken tails and injuries are very painful - be gentle with this problemit to become infected.

In case of injuries such as splinters in dog feet, keep some medications and supplies on hand in a bag or a box and label it Canine First Aid and keep it in your bathroom.

This will save you a lot of time and running around when you an injury such as a splinter becomes lodged in a dog paws.

Here are the steps to rid a dog of splinters in his paws:

  1. Wash the paw with an antibacterial soap.
  2. With a blunt nosed scissors, cut away the hair from the inside of the paws.
  3. Have good lighting and magnifying glass and search the paw for any foreign objects in the dog paws.
  4. With tweezers, find the splinter and gently pull it out of the skin.
  5. Apply an antibiotic salve and apply it to the wound.
  6. If your dog likes to lick everything off his foot that you put on it, bandage it with vet wrap and gauze or just hold your dog for about a half hour while you watch TV or something until the medicine has a chance to work.

Talk to your dog in a low kind voice that he’s being a good boy and how proud you are of him to be so brave. 

Of course he doesn’t understand your words but the tone of your voice will calm him and he will know you are helping.

Keep an eye on your dog’s paw and try not to exercise him on hard pavement or rocky ground while his paw is healing.  It will only slow the healing process.

You can buy dog booties or just put a piece of cotton ball into the pad of the feet and then wrap the foot with Vet wrap. 

Your dog won’t like it but you can take it off after the walk and then I suggest you bathe the paw again and apply more medicine. 

Keep the paw clean, dry and pretty soon it will be as good as new.